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Welcome To The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa

000-923 NPO / PBO 18/11/13/1212


The National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities was established 9 October 1939 under the name of the National Council for the Care of Cripples in South Africa by four (4) independent service organizations that felt the need for a coordinating body.

Seven (7) independent Provincial Associations and four (4) Regional Associations from the remaining two (2) of the nine (9) Provinces of the country, now constitute the Council.

These eleven (11) organizations have ninety (90) independent Branches of which at least half are concentrated in Gauteng and the Western Cape Provinces.

VISION of the National Council is a society in which:

People with physical disabilities are enabled to exercise their full rights as citizens.

The incidence of physical disabilities is minimized.


To serve as a Pro-active Forum for the advancement of persons with Physical disabilities so as to enable them to attain their maximum level of independence and integration into the community;

and the prevention of the occurrence of physical disablement.


Such medical, educational, vocational and social services and facilities as may be needed by persons with physical disabilities to achieve independence

An environment which is free from those physical, legal and attitudinal barriers which hinder the integration of persons with physical disabilities into the community

The availability of adequate qualified personnel, assistive devices and such other resources as are needed to achieve this aim

Measures to prevent primary impairment

Measures for the early detection and prompt and efficient treatment of persons who are, or might become physically disabled