Beach Permits

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NCPPDSA, in partnership with the Department of Environmental Services and Tourism (DEAT) is involved in making it possible for persons with severe mobility disabilities to gain access to certain beaches, by obtaining a permit from DEAT.

Applicants have to complete the DEAT application form, obtain a doctor’s letter stating their disability, and have their condition verified by an independent assessor from one of the Provincial Associations for Persons with Disabilities.In the event of the applicant qualifying in terms of the requirements, NCPPDSA will issue a certificate which will enable DEAT to issue the official permit.

This permit is issued to the applicant and not to his / her 4 x 4 vehicle. This rules out problems in the case of disabled children who do not have licenses yet, or other persons with disabilities who do not own a 4 x 4, but may be able to go to the beach with a friend or family member who does own one.

It needs to be pointed out that very strict conditions apply in terms of severe mobility impairment – this rules out general health or medical conditions such as back problems, breathing difficulties, old age afflictions and so forth. Generally speaking only people who suffered the loss of their legs and are dependent on crutches or wheelchairs, or who are paraplegics or quadriplegics are issued with permits.