Promotion And Awareness Initiative

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This project was initiated by the NCPPDSA to improve the visibility of Persons with Disabilities amongst the SA community to the benefit of the constituent member organizations of NCPPDSA and all affiliated organizations.

This initiative is direct in line with the “DRAFT UN CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES” The Convention which is about to be ratified in the UN General Assembly states under ARTICLE 8 – AWARENESS-RAISING, the following:

1. States parties undertake to adopt immediate, effective and appropriate measures:

(a) To raise awareness throughout society, including at the family level, regarding persons with disabilities, and to foster respect for their rights and dignity;

(b) To combat stereotypes, prejudices and harmful practices relating to persons with disabilities, including those based on sex and age, in all areas of life;

(c) To promote awareness of the capabilities and contributions of persons with disabilities.

2. Measures to this end include:

(a) Initiating and maintaining effective public awareness campaigns designed:

(i) To nurture receptiveness to the rights of persons with disabilities;

(ii) To promote positive perceptions and greater social awareness towards persons with disabilities;

(iii) To promote recognition of the skills merits, abilities and contributions of persons with disabilities to the workplace and the labour market;

(b) Fostering at all levels of the education system, including all children from an early age, an attitude of respect for the rights of persons with disabilities;

(c) Encouraging all sections/voices of the media to portray persons with disabilities in a manner consistent with the purpose of the present Convention;

(d) Promoting awareness training programs regarding persons with disabilities and their rights.


1. To develop an open, informed society which allows a two-way communication between persons with disabilities and non-disabled persons.

2. To develop a knowledge base regarding information to allow informed decision making to the benefit of persons with disabilities and their families.

3. To empower persons with disabilities with knowledge in order for them to be able to represent themselves regarding awareness, accessibility and employment.